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The Income Tax Declaration Scheme, 2016

The Income Tax Declaration Scheme, as the name suggest is disclosure of Income which has escaped assessment under Income Tax Laws. The Scheme defines the criteria of Income to be termed as Undisclosed, manner of its disclosure and Tax thereon. Before we start detailed analysis of the scheme it is important to know the reasons for bringing such a scheme for the citizens of India.

As we all are aware, as soon as this new government has come to the Parliament, there has been lot of steps taken for disclosure of Black money which has corrupted the very roots of our Country. Various methods such as Swiss Bank Name Disclosures, Panama Papers, Black Money Disclosure Scheme etc. had been tried till date to help curb the Black Money from the economy. But till date most of the methods have been proved useless as no major Black money has been disclosed. There are a lot of reasons for the same, which also involves some genuine reasons, which are READ MORE AT

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