Company Registration Services and Consultancy

We at AKSHAY K JAIN AND COMPANY provide specialized Corporate law services. We provide Company registration and Incorporation services together with Other Corporate Filing services such as:

  • Private Limited Company Registration and Formation

  • Public Limited Company Registration and Formation 

  • One person Company Registration and Formation

  • Producer Company Registration

  • NBFC Registration

  • Nidhi Company Registration

  • Company Fast Track Exit and Closure

  • V2 and V3 ROC Filings

  • DIR 3 KYC Filing

  • Conversion of Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company or vica-versa

  • Company  Statutory Audit

  • Mergers & Acquisition

  • Company Valuation

  • Company Law Approvals

  • Company Annual Return Filing

  • Company Law Compliances

  • Company Name Change Services

  • Company Address Change Services

  • Company Director Addition or Retirement/Removal

  • Company ROC to ROC Change

  • Other Company Law Matters

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